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Don’t worry, we fix 3D printers. Your machine will receive diagnostics, electrical or hardware repairs, and stress testing in our repair facility. Whether you own a flagship model or a budget printer, we’ll get you back up and printing fast.


Serialized Tracking

Your printer, and its parts, will never lose visibility during the repair cycle. Our tracking software means your machine gets back to you quickly – and with all its pieces.



Technicians On-Site

Your machine will be received by a staff of trained technicians who know your printer in and out. They understand the kind of investment these machines are; trust them to care for it as well as you would.



We Have the Parts

Because we are also one of the largest dedicated 3D printer parts suppliers, we likely have the part you need already here. This means repairs cost you less time and money.



Need Stuff Printed?

We understand that you may have things you need 3D printed while your printer is in our shop. Mention this when you contact us, and we can print your objects (FDM only) for free, plus shipping!


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